Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mysteries In Keetmanshoop

It's been a while since I've posted- sorry.  It's not that I've been particularly busy, at least no more so than months prior.  It's just that I haven't had much to say lately.

Last weekend I did go down to Keetmanshoop for a murder mystery party celebrating our one year anniversary in Namibia as well as Carrie's birthday.  We had a pretty good time, Jay and Shoni (our hosts) did a great job organizing the whole thing.

Dylan (the guy who got killed), Sandra (a quiet mortician) and Erica (a pregnant mother of 7) in their costumes just before the party began.Cynthia played a "man-hater" and did quiet a good job of it too...
Mike was my favorite character, a biker with a serious attitude and 79 dependents according to his tax returns.Jay was our host and played an eccentric just-out-of-jail single looking for a good time.

I played Wade, a lonely exterminator who finds much joy in finding bargains at the grocery store and saving money.  I was a suspect in the murder that occurred later in the night because the guy killed sold me some crappy land in Florida for $50,000.  I was trying to get him to pay me back all night. 

But the real killer was a character played by Janet who was about as talkative as the girls on Clueless.  She got fed up with him ignoring her all night and refusing to get back together with him, so she off'd him.

Dan played the French man-servant and Mark played the virgin computer nerd.We briied (barbecued) some bread and meat.  Traditional Namibian cuisine.
Dan and I took the train (not this one), played cards and discussed the meaning of life... seriously. 

The break from work was nice, and getting all the way from Windhoek to Keets and back in two days was quite a fun journey.  We (Dan and I) took the train Friday night and attempted to sleep.  By the time we arrived in Keets at 9 the following morning I was soar and not very well rested.

Our hike back from Keets made up for it all though.  We got a cheap ($20) lift from a Namibian in a new VW with leather back seats.  We slept most of the way as he plowed through Namibia at more than 200kph.

Next week I go to the group 26 PST and help with a bit of the training.  Should be fun.  If everything goes to plan (...right) I hope to be in Swakopmund to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

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