Monday, October 01, 2007

Tech Squad Goes North

The Tech Squad recently visited Oshakati and Outapi in the north.  It's the first time the Squad has made it to the true north of Namibia (above the red line).  It was also the first time that we split the Squads up and did workshops at two sites at the same time. 

Overall it was a success.  The workers at Catholic AIDS Action were very pleased with learning how to run a Photo Lab.  They will use their new Digital Photography and printing skills to opperate a Photo Lab as an income generation project.

In Outapi the squad worked with members of the AIDS club and taught them basic computer literacy skills.   Despite the 16 hours of driving it took to make the trip possible, everything went very well.

Kali and Leena with some learners that participated in the workshop in Outapi.
The computer workshop participants showing their new certificates after their session in Outapi.
The participants of the Digital Photography workshop displaying the photos they just learned how to take and print.
Participants of the Photo Lab workshop showing their certificates.  These certificates are possible the most important aspect of job advancement in Namibia.
Lydia demonstrating some digital photography techniques on the computer.
Paulus, Lydia and myself after dinner on the second night.

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