Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Days

I had a great weekend.  Despite not having the company I was expecting, the company I did have was great. 

Thursday got me off in a great mood as I picked up my package from home.  Thanks so much Mom and Dad for putting it all together!  I now have a new hard drive for my computer, a Pocket PC to stay organized and more art work from my niece.  I also got some food items that I've been craving for a while now.

Some items in my package from home.  The black olives and peppers are a must for good enchiladas and are impossible to find here.

Friday, Copellia was in town to meet up with her parents.  She is the first to have relatives visit her from the states.  Her parents invited me to dinner and we had a wonderful meal at the hotel they stayed at.  Even after a long flight and not nearly enough sleep, her parents had plenty of stories to share.  They were excited to see their daughter and looking forward to the safari that is currently showing them the best of Namibia.

Courtney came into town Friday night and spent two nights.  Will came in late and stayed two nights as well.  Saturday we got some shopping done, played a little miniature golf, and cooked an amazing dinner. This is the third time I've made enchiladas with PCV's and I have to say that these were by far the best. I used the diced black olives and peppers that were sent from the states as well as a box Red Velvet cake sent to me by Janet.  The whole meal was amazing, great company, great conversation, great wine, great food and great desert.  It was as if for those brief hours everything was right in the world.

Courtney getting ready to dig into a fruity breakfast at the Crafts Center CafeWill sipping on a huge mocha.  I get one of these every time I visit this cafe, they are wonderful!
Courtney and Will working on stuffing our home-made tortillasWill, chillin' on my bed to a good beat and good book.The finished product- oh it smelled soooooo good!!!
This golf course is about as cheap as the entry fee.  For just N$5 you can play 18 holes of relatively uncomplicated golf.  It's a great time if you've got great company, which we had.

Sunday everyone headed home and I got to cleaning.  Now here I sit in a very clean flat with a night of lesson preparation and reading ahead of me.  I'll be fighting the urge to plow into the 90 gigs of tv shows that were sent in my package from the states. 

This week is going to be a busy one.  Monday I have a meeting with a ministry official that coordinates training centers in the Windhoek area.  I'm hoping to start teaching computer classes in some of the settlements in the south.  Tuesday I'm hopefully having a phone line installed so I can get crystal clear calls from home.  Wednesday and Thursday I am doing a Desktop Publishing workshop for staff members at FAWENA (Forum for African Women Educationalists - Namibia), and Friday there is no school.  There's also no school the following Monday, making it a four day weekend.  I plan on heading up to Omaruru to take part in the PCV festivities (himba wrestling among other things).

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