Monday, July 03, 2006

Yet Another Weekend

Wow, another month gone by.  It's amazing how time has started to fly.  Our training and first months at site now seem like memories rather than yesterday's events. 

Another great weekend: this time spent in Windhoek and Omaruru.  I'll let the pictures tell the story...

The main event for the gathering at Omaruru was Luke's birthday and Himba wrestling.  Here's a few pictures of the latter.  In Himba wrestling, you grab your opponents waist and attempt to toss him on his back.  You are not allowed to grab any other part of their body, which makes it a game of balance and strength.
We played a game of soccer with some of the local kids in the location.  I had a blast and I think our spectators enjoyed the show.Mark was a little thirsty.
I got to meet up with my host mother while in Omaruru.  It was a nice family reunion.We topped the night off with Fondue, made possible by Luke's parents and the staff at the Stand Dragon restaurant.  It was truly amazing- shrimp, beef, chicken, veggies, and of course fruits and chocolate!  What a meal!
 Luke forgot about his cake on the night of his birthday, so we broke it out Saturday.  Worried about creating too many dirty dishes we just ate from the pan.   What we didn't eat Saturday we took care of Sunday morning. Yummy!

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