Tuesday, December 05, 2006

World HIV/AIDS Day

I took these pictures last week and just got them off the camera.  Thought you might enjoy seeing what an HIV/AIDS parade looks like in Africa...

A dude on stilts.  Have to say I can't even remember the last time I saw this in the States!Here comes the band!  It looked like the police marching band, but I couldn't be sure
This is my favorite part.  A huge semi followed the band down the street- on it's side were tapped HIV/AIDS posters.  Ghetto!A fire truck with a banner securely fastened with celo-tape.

World HIV/AIDS day was last Friday (December 1st) and is celebrated around the world to increase awareness and inform people about support.  As prevalent as AIDS is here in Namibia, this amounts to a public holiday.  There were bands in the parks and early store hours.

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