Saturday, December 09, 2006

One Last Hurray!

We spent the last few days at Grieter's Conference Center (again- yeah!) for our mid-service conference for Education volunteers.  We had a blast!  It was defiantly the best Peace Corps conference I've ever been to- few sessions and plenty of down time.  We had fund swimming, playing cards and just hanging out. 

We came up with quite a few pool games including chicken......pool jousting (holding your hand straight in front of you and try to knock your opponent off as they pass by)And a "swim the line" session that only Peace Corps Volunteers could appreciate
We exploded some coke using mentos...Jay and I even ran an official session at the pool! I think this is the first ever pool session in Peace Corps history!
Carl took the photos...We played some Peace Corps twister- using random items instead of colorsAnd had an AMAZING brii with the workers at the center on the last night
We also found (and killed) a huge scorpian.\

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