Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Day (Finally)

Moving from class to class is pretty much what the first day is all about.  Learners are getting to know where their classes are.After they've found their classes they must perfect walking in straight lines.  This is accomplished through yelling, kicking and scolding.  Cruel but effective.

I was just talking with some volunteers last weekend about how easier this school year is compared to January of last year.  I know what to expect (and what not to expect) and I know what I should be doing.  Most importantly, I know not to stress about minor details like school schedules, lesson plans and class attendance.  It will all happen somehow...

I was excited today to get to work, but somewhat unsurprised on finding that it would not be possible. We got a timetable (yeah!!) but none of my learners brought their receipts for the computer class, so no one could enter the class.  Maybe next week...

This is the science classroom.  You notice the stacks of extra chairs in the back?  You notice the learners sitting two-to a chair also in the back?  Welcome to Namibia.A teacher (Mr. Jo) trying to get the new eighth graders to listen to his instructions.

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