Tuesday, September 25, 2007


**** NOTICE ****
I, Jason Sears, resident of Huis Dreyer on Hugel Straas, hereby declare a state of war between the Sovereign Conglomeration of Peace Corps Crashers (SCPCC) and the Cockroach species.

AS the Cockroach species has neglected and in some cases blatantly disregarded the terms of the December 2006 Windhoek Peace Accord, and

AS the Cockroach species continues to raid food supplies designated "SCPCC Only", and

AS the Cockroach species breeds, defecates and otherwise inhabits regions of Huis Dreyer considered detrimental to SCPCC prosperity and security, and

AS the Cockroad species failed to respond to communiques pertaining to the infractions of the December 2006 Windhoek Peace Accord in addition to treaties signed by parties within the SCPCC,

WE the SCPCC have determined necessary to embark on full war with the goal of obliterating the Cockroach species from SCPCC territories.

The SCPCC urges all Cockroaches to flee SCPCC territories immediately as a bombing campaign will begin soon. Any roaches found within the territories will be considered combatants and executed immediately.

There will never again be peace between the Cockroach species and the SCPCC, war will continue as long as even a single roach lives. All power to RAID!!

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WGHL said...

Hi Jason,
Where can we download the IZIT? you used to have a link to it but not since summer. Thanks.