Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things I Thought I'd Never Do In Africa...

Things I've done in Africa that I never though I'd do:

  • Download Daily Shows from the internet every week
  • Send a computer for repair to the states
  • Have the same computer completely die a year later
  • Travel… only not as a tourist, as a computer guy, as a teacher, and as a friend
  • Get impatient; I thought I’d master this, but alas…
  • Abandon my long admired work ethic for the “just try and show up” method
  • Cheer out loud as a cloud temporarily covers the sun
  • Eat crocodile, ostrich, warthog, donkey and dog
  • Grow out my hair
  • Forget I’m white
  • Forget I’m American
  • Want to stay
  • Want to leave
  • See death, hopelessness and apathy everywhere
  • Find youth who are pretty much just like the youth in the States; ready for adventure, caught up in gossip and romance, trying to maintain a small amount of concern for education and the future

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