Saturday, November 19, 2005

Day 13 (19-Nov 24h10)

It was hot this morning, a small amount of humidity made a huge difference. All was forgiven when, sometime after lunch, a dark clouds found their way over our heads and let loose a few drops. We all ran outside to enjoy our first rain in Namibia. This was not like rain in the States. The drops came down as huge bullets, making large indentations in the sand. The flow of water ebbed and withdrew like the waves on a long beach, every once in a while surprising you with a burst. After a few minutes it stopped, leaving the wonderful aroma of water and dust, engraining in our memories forever with the first shower this year in Omaruru.

We did the typical work for the day; walked downtown to talk to people, got a typhoid shot, sat in on some sessions. The only difference being that we were to be done at 4. As three approached, we endured our last session in the hot box on PeaceCorps associations, then we were free!

I started Omaruru’s first wireless Internet cafĂ© in the store at camp. They have a dial-up internet account that I used to create a wireless network. Everyone was very receptive to this idea, and half our group used computers during the four hour it ran before and after dinner.

We wrapped up the night with dancing and a movie. The movies was “Office Space”, and the dancing was very American. I didn’t dance, but quite a few did, it was like our own little PeaceCorps night club. The only problem with the movie was that we could not find amplified speakers, so we used my little portable speakers for my iPod, which worked, but everyone had to be very quiet. It was really funny when someone laughed because they were so loud; one forgot how quiet everything else was.

Tomorrow is a day of rest. We all can’t wait!!

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