Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some Updates

I hate back-posting, but here's a few things that have been happening these past two weeks:

Tech Squad Fundraising

Tech Squad Training

Director's Visit


Tech Squad Fundraising

We started fundraising so that we can get Tech Squad shirts made with our logo.  I'd also like to get a few sets of screwdrivers as we never seem to have enough.

The computer lab, packed with 80 bodies watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

They decided to show movies and charge for admission.  The first movie was $1 and we filled the room- more than 80 people.  The following week we raised the price to $2 and got 50 participants.  We hope to raise more money through a few bake sales and community computer classes.

Our goal right now is $600 for the T-shirts.  Another $400 for screwdrivers would be nice too.


Tech Squad Training

The Tech Squad at a training after school.  Here they are learning more about internal hardware.. We had 40 computers donated from the Ministry which we are currently working on to distribute.  Most seem to be in poor condition, but we have gotten several running. Here's Joel working on one of the new computers.  They are all missing various pieces of hardware so the Tech Squad has been moving pieces around to get complete computers.

We have logged more than 30 hours of training for the Tech Squad.  They are now capable of stripping & building machines, formatting & installing Windows and OpenLab Linux, installing & configuring software and facilitating workshops teaching it all.  An awesome group.


Director Visit

The new director of Peace Corps in Washington came to visit.  He stayed for an hour and checked out the programs happening at the school.  They were very impressed with the knowledge that the kids demonstrated, especially when Mervin (Tech Squad 2006-2007) played a song he created on the computer.

Various important people in Peace Corps. Mr. Cheddor (US Peace Corps Director) listening to Mervin's latest rap hitMost of the Tech Squad and Photo Lab Crew posing with the director.


The directors (they always travel in packs) liked what they saw and promised some help with funding.  I'm hopeful but not holding my breath.

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