Thursday, March 09, 2006

Atypical Becomes Typical

Despite a rather interesting and confusing taxi ride this morning (he decided not to take me all the way to the school and left me on the street half-way there) I was ready for another great day at 8:00 this morning. 

But after a few minutes passed and no grade 11's showed up, I started to wonder what I had missed.  I was at the staff meeting, nothing out of the ordinary was mentioned.  Surly something as important as entire classes not coming to class would be brought up, right?  Wrong. 

Grade 11's are writing exams today, which means everyone in school stays in their classes until they are finished.  This odd system is in place because standard class periods are not long enough for tests to be taken.  Thus, any 11th or 12th grade class that has a test holds the rest of the school up until they are done.  Ahh, Africa.  You never cease to amaze me.

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