Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Day 37

Another long but productive and rewarding day. The classes went very well, everyone is really enjoying them. We even had some TRC volunteers come and sit in on our last class who had very kind comments about our class and teaching styles. Jay and I work very well together. Since we do the lesson plans together, we can communicate things like "you want to do the next section?" or "what is next?" without words. Jay's methodical and detail-oriented style balances well with my exuberant and fool-hearty style. Together we get things done and make the class a fun place to be. I will miss working with him after our training is over.
I won't complain anymore here about my computer problems. Just know that if I don't post for a couple of days, it's due to computer problems and not lack of Internet access.
Tomorrow my host family leaves for South Africa. I'll be alone until Sunday. I'm looking forward to the alone time, but making my own food every night will be a challenge. Cooking after a long day is never very fun. I'll probably just eat cereal and eggs. This weekend we have nothing planned. Our language test was moved to Monday (big suprise) and our language instructor attempted to scare us into studying for it. I'll probably try, but I'm not very motivated to learn more Afrikaans now- the environment just doesn't suit it. Our instructor is scattered, the temperature is hot, no one speaks it here, and I speak English all day in class. I'd much prefer to pick it up at my permanent site.
I'm looking forward to swimming again this Sunday. Other than that, I'll likely be walking and listening to Harry Potter. I've been listening to the audio books on my iPod since we started going to Okombahe, filling the travel time. It's been a nice nostalgic activity since I both enjoyed reading the books and have very fond memories of the days I read them. The audio books are very good quality too, the guy that reads does all the voices just like you'd expect them to sound. I'm already three quarters of the way through the first book. I've got all six in audio format, but since that's more than a week of recordings, I doubt I'll get through them soon.
We're also planning our host family appreciation party next Wednesday. It'll be an American barbeque: hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad and chips, apple pie and ice cream, lot's of fun! We will start shopping and making some of the salads Sunday. That reminds me, mom will you send me the recipe for my favorite red stuff? I'd like to make that. Oh, and while I'm at it, dad, can you find a number for HP technical support? Maybe there's one for South Africa- the document you send me is just for business centers. (Sorry to other for putting personal messages here, but I can't write emails right now- my computer only lets me write short letters)

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