Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Massive Crash

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWell, I ended up with 34 volunteers staying at my hostel last night.  It was a bit crazy, organizing anything was pretty much impossible.  Groups came and went even after I went to sleep at 10:30.  But it sounded like everyone had a good time (except for those kept awake by the midnight game of soccer in the hall).

So now were are all getting ready to leave for training.  It's almost like staging again, back in the States, only this time we all know each other and have a good idea what to expect when we arrive at the conference

A small group of us have managed to organize a huge backpacking trip at the last minute, which we'll be doing right after reconnect.  It's a 120k hike over 7 days through some of the most remote and challenging terrain in all of Namibia.  The Namibia guide book calls the hike "the most difficult in Africa due to the elevation changes".  Game on.  I've never been in such good shape as I am now, and this is exactly the kind of experience I wanted for the break.  I hope to have many great pictures to share when I return.

Until next time!

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